Favorite Canna-Butter (Steps Included)

Grassy to you say?

How to make Cannabutter at home.

I get this question from patients and recreational users alike. How can I make and properly dose my edibles?

Answer is simple: Dosing is not accurate and is a approximate number with a margin of a few milligrams.

If you follow my work then you know edibles are more than the traditional brownies, gummies and sweets that saturate the market. We’re here to make you comfortable with unfamiliarity of cannabis and show you how to unlock the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant.  

Let’s get started:

This is a concentrated cannabutter than can be “cut” with non-infused oil to achieve desired effects. Know your dose by check out this blog.

What you’ll need:

Filtered Water

Cheese Cloth


Baking Tray

Glass Bowl

French press

Plastic Butter Dish




7 grams of cannabis

1 ¼ stick of unsalted butter (I prefer, Trickling Springs Creamery butter)

1.      Coarsely grind cannabis, place in glass bowl and soak in filtered water, change water twice a day for 36 hours (I tried this after reading and discovering cannabis will NOT break down in water and yields a lighter tasting product)

2.      After Cannabis is clean, strain through cheese cloth and squeeze out excess water.

3.      Run under filter water again to remove excess debris and strain through cheese cloth again. SQUEEZE

4.      Place clean cannabis on baking tray, spread evenly and loosely cover with foil, fully dry overnight

5.      Preheat oven to 300 degrees, once cannabis flower is completely dry

6.      Crimp foil onto sheet tray and bake for 22 minutes. Decarb

7.      Remove from oven and let settle for 15 mins so cannabinoids can be reabsorbed.

8.      Fill pot half way with water

9.      Place butter into French press with decarbed cannabis.

10.   Simmer for 3 hours, to ensure not to boil.

11.   After 3 hours, plunge French press down to strain the butter

12.   Place strained butter into plastic butter dish

13.   Refrigerate to solidify and separate water from solids.

14.   Remove from plastic butter dish once solidified. Pat dry with paper towels.

15.   Place back into butter dish. Will last for one month.

This process is a labor of love but has yielded the most consistent product and makes it easy to dose.  

Stay tuned next week as I teach you how to dose and make the most out of your meals.

Until Next Time,

Chef Jazz

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