Premium Cooking Classes

A premium dining and educational experience for you and a few of your closest friends in the comfort of your home. I’ll teach you how to prepare a delicious meal using familiar cannabis extraction methods in the privacy of your kitchen.

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Cooking with Cannabis Demonstrations

Knowing how to cook with cannabis properly is no small feat from dosing to extraction methods it’s a whole new world of cooking. The purpose of our Cooking Classes are to give you the skills needed to cut the learning curve. Classes range from chef demonstrations to fully customizable interactive group sessions.

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One-On-One Consultations

Need to work with us one on one? Private workshop, or class?

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Private Workshops

Need to get more specific, and don’t think a cooking demonstration is right for you?

Workshops are a fun informative way for you to acquire a working knowledge with relevant takeaways. Workshops run for mins and range from formal presentations to interactive discussions.

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Just A few Workshops Offered:

How to Infuse Food Responsibly

Pantry Raid: How to Stock Your “Plant Pantry”

How to Eat for Insomnia

Terpenes, Cannabinoids, Food & Mood Relationship

How to use your Local Dispensary as a Resource.




Full Service Cannabis Catering

Let us take you on a journey. Elevate your next event with our Full Service Cannabis Catering Services we'‘ll take care of everything from linen to entertainment.

Whatever you think you know about cannabis & food , forget it!

Gone are the days of choking down fatty foods that taste like dirt & chalk. Gone are the days of breaking a stale cookie up in 10 pieces or  guessing how many doses might be hiding in home baked goods.

Green Panther Chef is ushering in a new era of edible experiences. We’re not your run-of-the-mill cannabis home cooks. We’re chefs and caterers who bring a unique and amazing dining experience to your very own home or event venue.

You decide what kind of culinary adventure you want to have, and we make it happen. The result is an extraordinary evening and meal you can always remember.

- Mouthwatering gourmet food prepared by a fully-trained chef.

- Safe dosing tailored to the needs of your guest.

- Fully customizable, classes and workshops.

This is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis user or trying edibles for the first time, we get it.  We’re able to customize the experience and keep careful track of dietary and dosing needs. That way you and your guests can enjoy and you won’t be left to wonder how you’ll feel afterwards.

The best part? The only taste left lingering in your mouth will be the delectable meal - not the ashy remains of smoke or crumbled stale pastry.

You’re a grown-up, so isn’t it time to have a grown-up edible experience? One personally prepared by an expert chef? A chef who’s well-versed with dosing and how to enhance a gourmet meal with cannabis?

Pick up your fork. You’re about to go on the culinary ride of your life!

Don’t want infused? Sure all menu options can be non-infused.

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