Throwing A High Vibe Party

Surround yourself with like-minded people has pelted into my head since grade school.

“You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with” blah, blah, blah. Now that I’m all grown up (on a good day) I realize those are the truest words ever spoken (among others of course)

But it’s true!  

Once I fully grasped  the breath of that statement I begin to look at myself, what I wanted out of my life and who was on the same path, gump that’s when I realized I have been spending time with those who didn’t share the same vision and were okay with just chilling, permanently.

Greatness isn’t something that can be achieved overnight but I knew changes had to happen immediately. That’s when I came up with the idea of hosting “High Vibe” parties, a place where like-minded people can enjoy the company of others in a positive uplifting environment, it didn’t hurt that I had copious amounts of cannabis too (I aim to please).

We started to meet monthly and would share stories of personal triumph, I did this through college and still to this day. I now have a tribe of high vibers who are uplifting, positive, healthy, honest and supportive and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I encourage everyone to develop, strengthen or just maintain strong positive relationships in their life. Health and happiness is true 360 wellness. Every time we get together we tend to take turns hosting, also all party members don’t need to be present for EVERY gathering, but it’s best this isnt an habit.

-          Have a theme! Keeps things Fresh

-          Encourage members to bring a dish (this brings camaraderie) infused or not

-          Be Open and engaging I’ve used a lot of the practices from A Tribe called Bliss by Lori Harder to further cultivate my tribe.

-          Keep a open mind and have fun- no one likes a judgmental and unwelcoming group  be mindful of those speaking and come from a place of support and curiosity.

Buy A tribe called bliss and join our meetup (Canned Foodies) to meet with other people who value the same thing.

Until next time…