What to do in a room full of naysayers…

What to do when your in a room full of naysayers and you want to keep a high vibe.

Lately I've been learning about manifestation, the power of exercising your NO, and no longer accepting what doesn't make you happy.

Recently I attended a gathering for women, the people that I connected with were awesome but found myself a misfit because I didn't partake in consuming large amounts of alcohol and “people watching”.

To each its own but the reason I tell you this is because keeping a high vibe in a room where mediocre is the best can be difficult.

Here are some techniques that I’ve picked up along the way can keep you vibing throughout the day.

  1. Have a morning routine. If your too busy for 10 mins then you don't have a life. Read. Run. Drink Tea. Do Something.

  2. Practice your NO! To attract what you desire you must stand guard and protect your time and mind. (This was really hard for me and still is but you’re worth it)

  3. Visit this blog on how to build a tribe of High Vibers (https://www.greenpantherchef.com/blog-1/2019/1/24/throwing-a-high-vibe-party)

  4. Support Cannabis legalization.

So, the fourth one is optional but I don't think you would be on this blog if you didn't support in some way.

I hope this helps.

Until next time


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