Make Healthy eating Great Again. Here's how..

Smoked Salmon with Kale Caper Salad

So here we are month 4 of the year and

A common question we still get is

-What is Crohn’s disease? And how does a crohn's survivor not get tripped up when food triggers are around us.

Crohn's is a gastrointestinal disorder, but what's alarming is that over 70% of Americans suffer from some type of gastrointestinal issue that they aren't aware of.

As far as food triggers it's simple I’m the type of person who wants more out of life, just like most people. I just chose to discipline myself and do something about it.

Food triggers are something that we must be aware of but instead of looking at it as something we can't have. Let's reframe our mind to this is how we protect our bodies. We aren't losing anything we are gaining a new perspective that can very much save your life.

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