Why Change Sucks...

Do you have a morning routine?

I used to cringe at the word discipline and routines I’ve always been a free spirit and having constraints was so not my style. Until I realized I could get more done if I protected and managed my time.

Having a routine didn’t happen overnight rather I went kicking and screaming until the day My mother sat me down and said “Why are you giving away your power? That hit me right between the eyes! She continued “others people's lack of planning doesn’t have to constitute a priority on your end.”  WOW! Everyday I putting out the “fires” of others and not making myself a priority, unless I was worn out or sick.

Once I was able to step back, I knew I needed some type of structure that would build strength to exercise my NO and stand in my truth. I needed a routine!

Which lead me to having a daily morning routine:

image1 (1).png

I also incorporate fresh juice to jumpstart the day. Check out this simple ABC juice, add fresh cannabis leaves for an antioxidant boost.

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