Cannabis Stereotypes

Recently I was a part of a smaller conversation that should be held in larger audiences. The topic of discussion was Cannabis Stereotypes and “What Cannabis Stereotypes are you tired of hearing?” 

There were several perspectives and comments about the perceived lack of productivity and ambition amongst cannabis users  but the comment that stood out the most was about parenting and cannabis. There’s a misconception that parents especially mothers who consume cannabis are poor parents. 

As a parent and Crohn’s survivor  this couldn’t be further than the truth. I am at my best when I’m not, bed ridden, sick from medication, or from severe inflammation. More than 55% of American adults who use cannabis are parents who are contributors to society (*raises hand) 

Although we have a way to go before cannabis is considered mainstream. Here are a few things that parents who consume can do to keep discreet. 

  • Microdose (check out this beginners post to microdosing) 

  • Vape (Vaporize can be odorless, but with anything, do your research) 

  • Secure the stash (Secure your cannabis products in a tamper proof clearly labeled container in a secure dark location)

When the time is right, talk about it. Children are not blind and destigmatizing starts in the home. Talk about what is Cannabis, Why you consume cannabis, and how it contributes to your wellbeing. Stay open. 

Stereotypes are great opportunities to educate and extend patience (lord knows I’m trying) to the misunderstood.   

Society shouldn’t dictate what type of parent you should be as long as you’re loving and being the best damn parent you can be. 

I would love to hear from you. 

Are you a parent?

What are some ways you discreetly consume?

Leave a below comment I would love to know