The Dinner Party Is Back πŸŽ‰

Dinner parties are a great way to connect and share with friends. Some of my fondest memories have been centered around my dinner table, it was a safe space to share your day or tell a story. 

Group dinners in fact started as a social contract as a form of human survival. Now dinner parties are more festive in nature, birthdays, weddings, holidays but  the principle holds the same. We gather with people from our tribe (friends and family) to share social oneness. As humans we all have a deep desire to connect and celebrate. 

Having a Canna Dinner Party is a perfect way to break the stigma and connect on a deeper level. Having a great dinner party isn't just about dinner here are seven questions to ask yourself before you plan your next dinner party. 

  1. What type of party am I having? 

  2. Will I have a theme? 

  3. Will I infuse some or the entire dinner?

  4. How do I want my guests to feel? 

  5. How many guests? 

  6. Dosage of infused dishes? 

  7. What’s on the Menu?

When you first start planning dinner parties I suggest no more than 6 people to keep the conversation intimate and party cost-effective. Start the evening with a toke or a glass of wine, as guests arrive have a mezze platter or cheese board available.

Pre Set the table with name cards, plates and a centerpiece use a decorative scarf as a runner on the table and display light tea candles for instant ambiance. 

Encourage dialogue by choosing a trending topic of discussion for the evening stay away from politics and religion as a rule of thumb, unless that’s your thing. Some topics include: 

  • Cannabis Legalization and the growth of the Black Market.

  • Cannabis and women's reproductive health.

  • Cannabis Industry Equality for all, or another fluke? 

Learning from each other is the only way to grow with each other. Dinner parties are a great way to create dialogue, bridge gaps, share commonalities and differences in a low stakes environment.  

Keep the conversation going

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