Fall Immunity & CBD (what you need to know)

If I said it once I've said it twice ”Cannabis is NOT a cure-all” although the plant has amazing properties (that have been stereotyped and stigmatized) it is not a silver bullet. 

It wasn't until I started paying attention to my overall nutrition that I was able to have real success with cannabis and CBD to build my immune system. 

The human immune system is a complex relationship between the nerves, blood, lymph nodes and organs all working together to keep us healthy. 

With the fall and winter approaching it's no better time than now to give yourself a little extra TLC to help prevent colds and flus this season.  

*Using herbs and foods to build immunity to fight ailments has always been questioned but facts are facts and reputable results are just that, repeatable. So I say to the naysayers, all the best.

There’s still a bit of research that must be done to establish the responsible use of herbal medicine as it relates to immunity but here are a few things you can do to bolster your immune system by using herbs and CBD, of course.

-Avoid Inflammatory foods (White flour, Sugar)

-Become a Locavore, Eat Local! 

-Drink Up! (add ginger, cardamom  lemon balm, turmeric tea and cloves to your diet) 

- Pregame like a Pro ( add pre and probiotics to your diet) 

My list of fall/winter preventive good too’s

-Vitamin C

-Olive Leaf




I hope this helps…

Until next time, 

Chef Jazz 

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