One Nation Under Stress

Did you know Americans make up 4% of the population but consume 80-90% of the opioids produced. 


Yes you read that right. 

Americans are increasingly turning to pill popping that only prolongs the problem instead of dealing with the root of the issue. Medication has its place in our society but so does health. 

More than half of the diseases that doctors diagnose are preventable with diet & exercise and less stress. We are increasingly becoming a nation under stress which can lead us to our collective self destruction.

We need to learn how to unplug not only from social media but from the constant undercurrent of stress. The keeping up with the Jones’s and grabbing for the next shiny object is causing us to step on the necks of our fellow men and pinch off the nerve of empathy.  

When I first began using CBD and Cannabis as an alternative form of medicine I was lost. I was told by everyone including doctors that this was going to be my life.

 At 21 years old is this all that I have left to give,  I thought? 

The medications kept me in a haze of reality, I was here but it felt like the sunken place (all my Get Out fans) looking and touching but unable to feel anything.

At rock bottom, that's when I chose a different way of living.  This journey has taught me how to be kind to myself when I make a mistake and how to ask for help when I'm in over my head. My voice has gotten stronger over the years and vision clearer, my mission is to help others find their voice by learning to cook with CBD. 

Stress is a top killer in our community and far too many people are dying too early because of overdosing and a lack of control. 

I created this 21 day Mind Makeover compiled from some of the great minds of this era.  Download below.