Dosing in a family environment...

I have been honored to work with some amazing women over the years who wear multiple hats they are wives, business owners, parents, daughters, friends and sisters. By working with such a diverse group of women, you would think the pain points would be all over the place. But among this group there's a common question.

How can I dose in a family environment?  

This question came from a mother of two who suffers from Fibromyalgia, she uses cannabis as a form of treatment but was uncertain how to consistently dose to alleviate pain and still tend to her duties as a mother.

Fibromyalgia remains poorly understood and has been linked to defective neurotransmitters to abnormal responses to stress. There’s also a hypothesis that there maybe an endocannabinoid deficiency. :-)

Dosing consistently in a family environment comes down to knowing your numbers and keeping a log of your experiences.

       Rule of Thumb: You don't have to be high to be healthy.

  1. Know Your Numbers & how to calculate yourself. (check out our dosing blog)

  2. Know your desired outcome (do you want to alleviate pain, or have a good night sleep)

  3. Know the difference between THC and CBD (Psychoactive vs Non-Psychoactive)

  4. Experiment. Find strains that meet your desired outcome. or a good budtender can help narrow your search.  

  5. Keep A Journal (this can create repeatable success)

In a family environment I prefer the oral administration of cannabis. In the form of glycerin based tinctures, beverages & meal preparation. Not only do the desired results last longer it's a discrete form of treatment.   

Smell can sometimes be an issue when making your own extractions, there’s great equipment like MagicButter and LevoOil that can help reduce the smell. A great alternative that is found in most homes are crockpots and mason jars.

I just got an instant pot and have been making butter and tinctures in half the time. I’ll keep you posted on the consistency.   

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