Is your diet holding you back?

My very first job was at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. I was a 13 year old file clerk. I got the job through the Mayor's Summer Works program in Washington DC. I would eagerly sort through papers as old as I was and file them in the storage room across the building.  I walked long corridors filled with animal artifacts that weren't on display, there were bones as long as my entire body being researched, birds appearing as though they could take flight at any moment being cleaned and transported to the next exhibit. It was an amazing experience.

Although this time was filled with great memories…

It taught me something very early on,  I didn’t want to live out my existence in an environment where I couldn’t be my full self.

Everyone was very friendly, they all had drive for what they did, but they all had one thing in common they all would say the same thing “I love my job but ….” . They all rather be doing something else.

I bring this up because the 9-5 daily grind is real for most of us but that doesn't mean we should forget about ourselves in the process, on average there are 40 hours in the work week and taking care of your body throughout the workday is imperative to staying healthy.

Here are just a few ways to keep going:

- Eat your heavier meals in the daytime and  lighter meals for dinner.

-  Drink More Spring Water and 100% Pure Cranberry Juice (Not Cocktail Juice)

- Get Up Every 50 Mins for mins to move your body (or stand at your desk)

- Bring your pre-portioned lunch & snacks from home (try snacks & lunches that improve brain focus, like this.

Also take this free assessment to see if your diet is holding you back.

Until Next Time,